Verification of Ohm’s Law Lab Report with Theory: A Step by Step Approach

In the previous article, we achieved observations from Ohm’s Law experiment and we plotted the graph in Lab Report. In this post, you will learn the Step by Step Verification of Ohm’s Law Lab Report.

Let’s rewrite our calculated values from the previous experiment:


Remember from our previous experiment that these values were obtained for the 1k ohm Resistor.

Using relationship I = V/R we can use the values of the input voltage (from 1 V to 10 V) for the resistance (1k ohm) and can verify these values.

Now let’s start our calculations from the first column where we have 1V input, Using statement I = V/R

we have I = 1V/1k ohm = 1 mA which is nearly equal to 1.01 (our practical value).

Remember that a small difference between practical and real values is expected under normal conditions. There are many factors including resistance tolerance, the resistance of connecting wires, the fault of DC Supply which could display 1.01V as 1 or 0.99 V as 1. We can use the high-quality supply with resistors having very small or no tolerance value for improving our results.

Now for the second row of the column using the same formula, the theoretical value is 2.00 mA which is exactly similar to our practical results. Same holds for the third one.For

For the fourth row, we achieve 4 mA theoretically and 4.07 mA.

Using the same formula we can proceed from 5 V to 10 V and will achieve 5 mA to 10 mA theoretically. We can then compare these with practical results provided in our table and can easily check that these results are very close with our theoretical results.

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