Ohm’s Law Wheel is a collection of 12 different formulas between Voltage, Current, Power and Resistance. In this article, you will learn the details of these formulas and the proper method to use Ohmic Wheel in your calculations.

Previously, In our ultimate guide, we explained the relationship between three basic electrical quantities:

  1. Voltage
  2. Current
  3. Resistance

There exists another fourth quantity in nature which is known as Power.

Generally, all of us are familiar with electrical power which is expressed in watts.

In Electrical circuits, the power is defined as the product of voltage and current.

Mathematically we can write:

P = VI … (1)

Whereas previously we expressed voltage as:

V ∝ I

or V = IR … (2)

The two equations [1 and 2] can be used to derive 12 different formulas:

  1. V = IR
  2. V = P/I
  3. V = (P.R)1/2
  4. P = VI
  5. P = V2/R
  6. P = I2R
  7. I = P/V
  8. I = (P/R)1/2
  9. I = V/R
  10. R = V/I
  11. R = P/I2
  12. R = V2/P

These 12 equations can be graphically lumped together in a circular wheel which is shown below:


What’s the significance of Wheel?

You can use the wheel in numerical analysis and problem solving for calculating four parameters provided that other two are present.